head position and roll

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head position and roll

Postby bushdave » Wed Feb 05, 2014 9:16 pm

Hi there everyone. I am new to the forum and I was very excited to find someplace where a community of trackers can communcate. It's disappointing ,however, to see how few avail themselves of the wonderful opportunity. I hope someone will share some of their wisdom to answer some of my questions . I am not a novice but by the same token, its hard to feel progress being made with no external input. I was curious if anyone had conducted a tracking box study to confirm or deny Tom Brown's claims regarding head position. Other controversies aside,with regard to his claims about the lobulars and toe ridges, Ican duplicate his results for the primary and secondary pressure releases. However, when I attempt to measure the relative depths of each toe (to determine the direction of sight for instance) I get really inconclusive results. I use toothpicks colored to a consistant length , inserted to what I judge to be the plane of the true track, in each region of the track so I can measure the relative depths in relation to the track as a whole.
Does my method sound flawed,do you disagree with the premise, or does anyone have an insight into how I could measure diffferently? I was concerned my results may be flawed because the level of the tracking box is slightly higher than the floor, possibly causing a distortion? If anyone has an opinion ,I'd be grateful for your insight. Thanks!
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