Pine Resin Lamp/Stove & Bayberry Wax Myrtle Candle

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Pine Resin Lamp/Stove & Bayberry Wax Myrtle Candle

Postby dixieangler » Fri Nov 20, 2015 5:16 pm

This is just a video that I liked. It is not mine and my name is not Bill. Candles and lamps/stoves are useful especially where a campfire is not needed or allowed. I did try this one by the way. Found a large seashell along the side of a roadway. They often line the base or foundation of roads with shell under an asphalt on top. I grabbed some sap or resin chunks off the sides of a Yellow Pine for the fuel and used some of the Reindeer Moss as a tinder/wick. Works really good. I like it. The lichen can be hard to light with a spark rod but it will light. Easier if plant fluff is lit first to then light the lichen. The problem or drawback is the shell is super hot. So a forked limb or branch could be used to cradle it or make a set of tongs.

Here is a similar concept but using Wax Myrtle or Bayberry. Oh, and this video is not mine either.
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